•   DailyBread prayed about 5 months ago
    Once again my daughter, Breanne, and her jerk husband are keeping our grandchildren from us. They both only want to hear their own voices rather than hear the truth. I am done with them. Apparently she has convinced herself that I tried to run over her on purpose, just like the time before when she convinced herself that I feed our grandchildren poop and glass. It took my wife 2 hours to convince her that we do not. I have wasted 30 years of my life on God, Jesus and the bible so I can have this torment and garbage, so no more prayers, this will be my last prayer post. Please keep your prayers to yourself, I do not want them. My daughter claims to be a christian and even works at a church ministry, but her behavior and her fruit tells me she should not be in any ministry, especially around children.
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