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    Hello, I would like some prayer please. I ended a toxic relationship 5 months ago because the guy did and said some things to hurt and disrespect me. I never felt angry, just really, really hurt. I've since forgiven him and I realized that he has some issues from his past to work through. I'm writing because despite everything I'm still in love with him. Nothing at all has changed and it drives me crazy because after being hurt like that I thought my feelings would change but they're still the same. I often ask God to remove the feelings from me but they're still there. I'm also still hurting from what happened. I do things to distract myself but it only helps temporarily. I don't want to take this in to the new year. I'm also really concerned because I don't want to have these feelings for him in the event that he moves on. I wake up everyday and I deal with the motions and it's overwhelming. Sometimes I feel a literal heaviness in my chest which exhausts me. I'm not sure how much more I can take. Please pray that God will Remove the feelings.
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